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Hello Everyone.

My name is David J Yarington.

I've been collecting books for over fifty years. I started collecting McGuffey readers when I was teaching at Ohio University in Southern Ohio in 1965. McGuffey had been President of Ohio University years ago and his books were very common finds at farm auctions. I taught reading teacher education and started using New England Primers, McGuffeys and Noah Webster school books as examples of the history of reading instruction in our country. I would find McGuffeys in the bottom of a box of books purchased for a few dollars at a farm auction; the farmer's wife probably was a school teacher. Though he sold millions, it is rare today to find an 1830s McGuffey reader--an original. I graduated to Horatio Alger books to teach the history of adolescent literature. I had some 50 New England Primers prior to 1840, 51 Noah Webster publications, 36 early McGuffeys, and 105 Horatio Alger first editions , all of which have been donated to The Hill School Library in Pottstown, PA.

David J Yarington

Dave, the host at Sebec Lake Bunkhouse

I've always been an avid reader and as the saying goes, I collect what I like to read. My modern first edition collection just grew through my interest in spy thrillers and authors I've been associated with in various ways. For example, I spend summers at our cabin in Maine and Maine author Edmund Ware Smith is one of my collections. Reynolds Price was a fraternity brother from Duke University and one of my former professors (now deceased). Anne Tyler was in class with me as a creative writing student with William Blackburn at Duke. Samuel Hopkins Adams lived near me in N.Y. State before he died in 1958 (I still have some of his furniture including the table at which he wrote). I read every Sydney Sheldon book before he died and every John Grisham book as they were published and was careful to buy first editions. I have read just about all the books in my collections. I collect Thomas McGuane because he lives near my son in Bozeman, Montana. I started collecting Cormac McCarthy and Pulitzer Prize winners, but then quit. My unread list is growing fast. I am a completist and keeping up with new publications of the living authors is quite a job. I keep busy in the book stores and thank God for the internet! I traveled to Hay on Wye in May 2008 and was really disappointed that many of the booksellers were ignorant even of The Royal Primer in England. It made me realize how lucky we are to have the internet.


I developed this web site to keep track of my collections and to share them with others. I explain in an introductory paragraph what my connection is to each of my collected authors. About 25% of my books are signed. I now have over a thousand books. Most are listed on LIBRARYTHING.COM and more arrive every month. It's amazing what one finds in book collecting. I am now on LibraryThing.com which is an amazing web site of individual libraries--check it out.

My wife died last year and I have permanently moved to Maine. The need to downsize has prompted me to sell anything of interest to collectors--hence, everything is for sale--just ask for a price. As of 2017, all books and all collections are FOR SALE, if not priced, ask for a quote.


Dave at Sebec Lake Bunkhouse

Dave's Companion HAZEL

I am also the author of following:
·  Surviving In College, Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1977
· The Great American Reading Machine, Hayden Book Company, 1978

Information on the Yarington Genealogy is available on request at djyarington@gmail.com My entire Library is at LIBRARYTHING.COM see DYarington. You would see following information on my website.
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·  David Yarington Book Collection:
·  Antiquarian book page including New England Primers, Noah Webster books, and McGuffey readers, which have all been donated to The Hill School Library in Pottstown, PA.
·  Modern First Editions including more than 20 authors.
·  And , finally, The Harvard Classics.