Vince Flynn Collection

I heard about Vince Flynn from President Clinton in an article about books he was reading. I've been a Mitch Rapp fan ever since. I have been on Vince Flynn's mail list for some time. In 2010 he had prostate cancer and it spread to his bones. He is now in remission and has finished Kill Shot which will be published in February 2012. That will be the second about Mitch Rapp's beginning career. He's working on the next one and I wish him all the best. By the way, several Presidents have asked him where he gets his information! He's so close to reality--I love it! Vince died in 2013 when he had started The Survivor. His friend, Kyle Mills, finished the book and it was published in 2015. Kyle will likely continue writing Mitch Rapp books but I'm done collecting with this book.

# Book Name Year/Edition
1 Term Limits 1997, signed 1st
2 Transfer of Power 1999,1st , ARC (pb) 1st
3 Third Option 2000, 1st
4 Separation of Power 2001, signed 1st
5 Executive Power 2003, Atria, 1st
6 Memorial Day 2004, Atria, 1st
7 Consent To Kill 2005, Atria, 1st
8 Act of Treason 2006, Atria, 1st
9 Protect and Defend 2007, Atria, 1st
10 Extreme Measures 2008, Atria, ARC (pb), signed 1st
11 Pursuit of Honor 2009, Atria, 1st
12 American Assassin 2010, Atria, 1st
13 Kill Shot 2012, Atria, 1st
14 The Last Man, Atria 2012, 1st
15 The Survivor, Atria 2015, 1st His last book.