Sidney Sheldon Collection

I read every one of his books and saw all the movies. It's been said that, as a screen writer, that he wrote his books for the movies. Perhaps that's correct but what a writer he was. When he died we lost a great one in my opinion.

# Book Name Year/Edition
1 The Naked Face 1969, Signed 1st
2 The Other Side of Midnight 1974, Signed 1st
3 A Stranger In The Mirror 1975, 1st
4 Bloodline 1977, Two Signed 1sts (one p/clipped)
5 Rage of Angels 1980, 1st
6 Master of The Game 1982, 1st
7 If Tomorrow Comes 1986, Need 1st, have later edition
8 Windmills of the Gods 1987 1st
9 The Sands of Time 1988, 1st
10 Memories of Midnight 1990, Two 1sts
11 The Doomsday Conspiracy 1991, Signed 1st, clipped 1st
12 The Stars Shine Down 1992, 1st
13 Nothing Lasts Forever 1994, 1st
14 Morning, Noon and Night 1995, Two 1sts
15 Best Laid Plans 1997, 1st
16 Tell Me You Dreams 1998, 1st
17 The Sky Is Falling 2000, 1st
18 Are You Afraid of the Dark 2004, 1st
19 The Other Side of Me 2005, ARC and 1st