Philip R. Craig Collection

Martha's Vineyard is a favorite spot. John Yarington lived there for four years and Susan worked there in the summer. Craig's Martha's Vineyard mysteries are fun to read at Sebec. I have them all, but not all the firsts. Philip died in May, 2007. His son, Jamie, is publishing his remaining unpublished novels. Page II of his web site, has pictures and descriptions of all his books.

# Book Name Year/Edition
1 Gate of Ivory Gate of Horn 1st British edition, 1970
2 A Beautiful Place To Die 1989, 1st
3 The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea Scribner, 1991, 1st
4 Death In Vineyard Waters PB
5 The Double Minded Men, Scribner 1992, 1st, Vineyard Deceit is PB
6 Cliff Hanger Scribner, 1993, 1st, Vineyard Fear is PB
7 Off Season, Scribner 1994, 1st
8 A Case of Vineyard Poison 1995, 1st
9 Death On A Vineyard Beach 1996, 1st
10 A Deadly Vineyard Holiday 1997, 1st
11 A Shoot On Martha's Vineyard 1998, 1st
12 A Fatal Vineyard Season 1999, 1st 1999, 1st
13 Vineyard Blues 2000, 1st
14 Vineyard Shadows 2001, 1st
15 First Light, with Wm. Tapply, need -
16 Vineyard Enigma 2002, 1st
17 A Vineyard Killing 2003, 1st, second copy 5th edition
18 Murder At A Vineyard Mansion 2004, 1st
19 Second Sight, w/ Wm. Tapply 2005, 1st
20 Vineyard Prey 2005, 1st
21 Dead In Vineyard Sand 2006, 1st
22 Delish PB, 1st (a cookbook)
23 Third Strike 2007, with Tapply, 1st
24 Vineyard Stalker 2007, 1st
25 Vineyard Chill 2008, 1st