John Dunning Collection

John Dunning is the book collector's author. He lives in Denver. Unfortunately, he had a brain tumor removed in 2006 after publication of Bookwoman's. He is recovering well, but no more books yet as of 5/3/12.

# Book Name Year/Edition
1 If Morning Ever Comes 1964, Have ex/lib, need 1st
1 The Holland Suggestions, Bobbs-Merrill 1975, 1st
2 Tune In Yesterday 1976, 1st
3 Denver, Times Books 1980, signed 1st
4 Looking For Ginger North, Fawcett PB 1980, 1st
5 Deadline, Fawcett 1981, have PB, Cahill edition, 1st
6 Booked To Die 1992,1st, signed 5th ed.,Scribner
7 The Torch Passes 1995,1st (several signed copies
8 The Bookman's Wake 1995, 1st
9 Bookscout 1994 Huntington, 1st, signed
10 Dreamer1995 Huntington, story, need
11 On The Air, Old time Radio 1998, signed 1st
12 Two O'Clock, Eastern Wartime 2001, 1st signed
13 The Bookman's Limericks 2003, signed 1st
14 The Bookman's Promise2004, (two copies), 1st
15 That Summer With Michael 2004, signed 1st
16 The Sign of The Book 2005, 1st
17 The Bookwoman's Last Fling 2006, signed 1st