Edmund Ware Smith Collection

Edmund Ware Smith is a well known Maine author who wrote about the lore of the Maine woods, humerous hunting and fishing stories often featuring Zack and the one-eyed poacher of Priviledge. My collection follows:

# Book Name Year/Edition
1 Rider In The Sun, Lothrop, Lee and Shepard need
2 A Tomato Can Chronicle, 1937, need
3 A Tomato Can Chronicle, Derrydale Press limited leatherette ed.1991, 2nd copy w/DJ, 1991
4 Tall Tales and Short, Derrydale 1938, 1st, Leatherette, 1991
5 The One-eyed Poacher of Priviledge1941, need
6 The One-eyed Poacher of Priviledge, Derrydale limited leatherette ed. 1991
7 Further Adventures of the One-eyed Poacher Crown 1947, 1st (two copies, one w/DJ)
8 From Fact to Fictiontextbook w/ Robeson Bailey, Appleton, need
9 The One-eyed Poacher and The Maine Woods, Fell 1955, 1st
10 A Treasury of The Maine Woods, Fell 1958,1st, Downeast PB reprint, 1958
11 For Maine Only, Fell 1959 (two copies, 1 w/DJ)
12 Upriver and Down1965,1st edition signed (in 1966) presentation copy, second copy 3rd printing, 1972
13 To Fish and Hunt in Maine, E.W. Smith Stories edited by Thomas Kinney 1991, PB, 1st
14 Saturday Evening Post October 17, 1953 story "Miracle at Dobsis Lake"